McKenzie, Allan. The Sacred One. 2020. Albuquerque, N.M.

“This painting is my First painting of 2020. It shows my interpretation of a Kangaroo struggling to survive and thrive on Country. The vibrant colours used in this particular piece show the essence of what our sacred animals in Australia are missing, water and vegetation. I spend a lot of time thinking about what the future will bring for our sacred kangaroos, and through the recent bushfires we have lost thousands of these iconic beautiful animals. Hopefully someday in the future we all can do our part to ensure their survival continues alongside all our amazing beautiful wildlife in Australia.”

From Allan’s website:


Story-teller through art

Allan McKenzie is a proud Gamilaroi/Wiradjuri man who possesses a powerful combination of strong cultural knowledge, respect, and experience.

Allan is known for his vibrant and contemporary color palette that pulsates his then use of traditional symbols and representation.

A modern time, story-teller, educator through optic engagement and protector of culture, Allan has taken the social media world by storm both in Australia and Internationally.

Allan captivates his audience with his vibrant aesthetics and then moves them in a narration across land, water, language into a pool of cultural immersion.

Allan McKenzie is part of the new age of contemporary Aboriginal Art.

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