Welcome to the 35th Annual Run for the Zoo

For the past five years, I’ve had the privilege of being the Run for the Zoo director and have seen our ability to come together as a community and have fun for a great cause. Your passion for the ABQ BioPark is inspiring, and thanks to your past registration fees, the New Mexico BioPark Society (NMBPS) has been able to do great work at the BioPark and for our Zoo residents.

This year, your registration dollars will not only benefit the animals here in Albuquerque, they will make a lasting global impact; we will donate $2 from each adult registration and $1 from each youth registration to Australian relief and recovery efforts.

Allan and Shannon McKenzie, aboriginal consultants for the upcoming Australia exhibit at the Zoo and friends of the BioPark, are Australian native and have seen the devastation that recent brush fires have caused throughout their continent. Allan has graciously donated this year’s Run for the Zoo artwork (read more here). It tells a startling story about what happens when we neglect our precious planet. With long-term survival of several animal species in jeopardy, NMBPS has already donated $20,000 to Australia’s Zoo and Aquarium Association (ZAA) Wildlife Conservation Fund (WCF) to help implement a recovery plan. With your support, we hope to raise an additional $20,000 by selling out this event at 12,000 participants and through merchandise.

On Sunday, May 3, come run or walk with us and know you’re benefiting animals in Albuquerque and Australia…all while having a great time!

– Taylor Pellegrini, Run for the Zoo Director

Events & Timeline

Registration Dates for 2020:
Jan 29: Early Registration (discounts applied)
Feb 29: Regular Registration
April 6: Late Registration
May 2: In-Person Registration at Packet Pickup, if available
May 3: Day-Of Registration, if available
*Adult NMBPS members receive $3 discount on all events. Cannot be used in combination with any other discount.

You are helping with animal care…

By registering for Run for the Zoo, you’re helping the ABQ BioPark staff care for the penguins and all the other animal residents at the Zoo. Funds raised help purchase enrichment items, vet care equipment, education outreach and so much more.