Virtual Run for the Zoo
May 17-24, 2020

The New Mexico BioPark Society has taken pride in achieving their mission of “Making the exceptional possible at the ABQ BioPark” through membership, donations, and fundraising events like Run for the Zoo.

The cancellation of Run for the Zoo 2020 created a fundraising deficit of $180,000, which directly impacts the discretionary funds available to the BioPark director for immediate needs and long-term action plans.

Beyond that, the cancellation created a void in the running community, and our hearts were warmed by the many Run for the Zoo fans who wrote us and said they would miss this year’s event.

Runners and walkers, we miss you too! And while we can’t run together in person just yet, we can still join in support of Run for the Zoo and our beloved BioPark through the VIRTUAL Run for the Zoo!

You’re invited to join us anytime May 17 through 24 to run or walk, indoors or outdoors, bike or skateboard, for a half marathon, 10K, 5K or 1 Mile “your way”.

With a whole week to complete the event, we ask that you please adhere to all CDC recommended social distancing guidelines, maintain a safe distance from others and avoid trails and walking paths during peak times.

There are no prizes or medals this year and 100% of your registration fees will go back to support the ABQ BioPark.

All races are $10! Upgrade your registration to $25 and receive the official Virtual Run for the Zoo t-shirt!

Registration opens 5/6/20


How does virtual Run for the Zoo work?

  • Unlike other races, your virtual Run for the Zoo can be completed any time May 17-24. As you run or walk, outside or on a treadmill, please keep your safety and the safety of others in mind and observe all social distancing guidelines. Virtual Run for the Zoo is great for all ages because you can run the race at your own pace! Whether you’re running a 5K or walking 1 mile with the family, know that we are all going miles together, while staying six feet apart.

Why should I sign up?

  • Run for the Zoo is not only one of the New Mexico BioPark Society’s major fundraisers each year, but it is also a beloved community event that attracts thousands of runners annually. This year, because of the global health crisis, we had to cancel the event – not only did that seriously affect our fundraising capabilities, it also was a disappointment to those who love to get active and support the Zoo. While we will miss seeing you on May 3, we thought there was no better way to commemorate Run for the Zoo weekend than by asking everyone to lace up those sneakers from afar.


How much does it cost?

  • Virtual Run for the Zoo is only $10! You can also upgrade your registration to $25 and receive the virtual Run for the Zoo t-shirt! Donations are accepted and appreciated but not necessary.


How do I track my time/pace?

  • Virtual Run for the Zoo is completely on the honor system. You are not required to prove your participation, but we encourage you to upload photos of your family running, a video of your run, or a shot of your fitness watch, step counter, or anything else that shows how far you’ve come!


Can I run from another state?

  • The more the merrier! Join us from any location and let us know where you’re from on our socials!


I’ve completed my run – now what?

  • Savor the glory! Submit race photos, upload videos to social media and tag us using #VirtualRunForTheZoo.